Buddy Time at Como

Buddy Time involves each  child being allocated an older or younger buddy.

Once a week during Buddy Time students from Years 1 - 6 participate in activities where they get to know more about each other. IMG 8965

The buddies rotate through a number of different activities such as craft, cooking, gardening, ball games, acting and origami sessions.

Buddy Time occurs each Wednesday from 2.35pm until 3.05pm and gives our students an opportunity to make new friends and practise the virtues we strive to build at Como PS. With a designated buddy, students always have an extra special friend in the playground.

A new buddy is selected for each child from their buddy classroom at the beginning of each Semester.

Buddy Time has been running at Como Primary for over 26 years and is, like our virtues program, part of our school culture that helps make Como a very special place.