Specialist Programs

Value and Virtues

At Como Primary we have a very strong Values and Virtues program that is reflected in the way our students interact with adults and each other. Every two weeks we focus on a particular virtue, for example- respect, responsibility, consideration, confidence, excellence and orderliness, to name just a few. The students learn what the virtue means and how to use it in everyday life. Virtue songs are learnt and sung at our school assemblies and affirmations said as a whole school at least once a week.Liberty And Kids

A Buddy system has been a part of Como life for over twenty years. Each young child has an older buddy who they can rely on and become friends with over a semester. Each week students meet their buddy for half an hour and participate in a variety of Buddy time activities that are set up as a tabloid. Activities include cooking, gardening, ball games, art activities, juggling, reading and charades. These sessions allow students to practise the virtues.

We provide our students with a positive school environment in which each child feels valued and safe. A mentoring program through The School’s Volunteer Program is available for students who require extra support. While our non-denominational school Chaplain is a wonderful support to many students. 

We firmly believe that good mental health is the foundation stone of good learning. As such we use the Aussie Optimism program from Years 3-6 to develop resilience in students and teach them a variety of strategies and skills to use both now and in the future.