Parents and Citizens (P&C)

About the Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association

The P&C at Como is an enthusiastic and hard working group which provides parents and community members the opportunity to participate in the decision making processes regarding our school. Our primary aim is to actively support the school community whilst acting in, and being responsive to, the best interests of our children.

The role of the P&C includes:

  1. acting as a forum for discussion and formulation of the parent view on issues concerned with the education policies and well being of the individual school, its students, and the whole school system
  2. conveying parent views to the school's decision making bodies
  3. using and promoting democratic practices that enable all parents to participate in school decision forums
  4. receiving and raising funds for the improvement of amenity of school grounds, programs and facilities
  5. supporting a collaborative school community in which the parents, students, staff, principal and wider community work together towards achieving the best educational and personal outcomes for all students, together with meeting the needs and aspirations of the whole school community.

P&C Objectives:

  • Facilitate and foster a safe environment for our school community
  • Advocate and effectively represent on behalf of the parental community at Como Primary School
  • Recruit and retain new members to the P&C

All parents are invited to participate in the education of their children by volunteering or otherwise assisting the P&C throughout the year in any way they possibly can.


P & C meetings are held twice a term and dates are advertised in the school newsletter. All members of the school community are welcome to attend meetings.

You can contact the P&C through