Anzac Mural and Memorial Photo Journey

    Artist in Residence

Mr Paul Caporn

Paul C

Mr Paul Caporn came to Como Primary School as an ‘Artist in Residence’. In his role Paul designed for the school a mural representing the Anzac spirit.  He worked with students during Visual Arts lessons to create a special artwork. The project also involved Paul creating an Anzac memorial. This memorial included an old plaque that commemorated past Como Primary students, who had lost their lives at war.  The Artist in Residence Program was a great learning experience for all students.





On Paul’s first visit he introduced himself to the students and discussed his life as an artist. He showed a PowerPoint displaying some of his work. One piece titled ‘Insupportable’ can be found in the Western Australian Art Gallery collection.


 Pot Belly












 Students were very interested and drew images of his work. The BBQ Belly was very popular.

Mural A


















Paul and his assistant Mr Odd installed the backing boards which showed images of the Anzacs.

HotIt was very hot work painting the images onto the mural.


Year 1-3 students enjoyed watching Paul paint. Many interesting questions were asked.

Year 1

 Students were amazed at how carefully he painted. He created soldiers using only one colour.

 Children Watching













In Classroom




In the Visual Arts Room students from Years 4-6 researched the Anzac story and designed their own image on a circular shape. Paul gave students guidance along the way. Images were coloured using pencils. There was great excitement to see whose work he would select to form part of the mural.


Paul selected over 40 student designs. These students painted their design onto an aluminium disk. These disks were to be attached to the mural.

 Select Designs







Students worked very carefully painting their images, learning many new skills along the way.

Comments from the students included:

I learnt that when you are painting you don’t have to paint in one direction. Freya

It was fun meeting and working with Paul. He taught me that when painting a second coat of paint, paint in the opposite direction of the first coat. Jordaan

I thought that making the disks was very enjoyable. I loved mixing and painting our discs with various colours and brushes. It was fabulous. Hannah

 Many Students

After the painting was completed Paul demonstrated how to scratch the disk with a spoon to reveal the shiny aluminium. It was hard work scratching.


 Paul constructed the memorial off site and it was installed, including the original plaque recognising past Como Primary Students.















The students enjoyed working with Paul and looked forward to his workshops.

Happy Students

                  Final touches were put on the disks before installation.

Final Touches



Working with Paul Caporn in the Artist in Residence Program was a great learning experience for all students from Years 1-6. It gave the students the opportunity to be involved in the making process of the mural. Students were very engaged, learning many new skills from Paul. His friendly manner made it a very enjoyable program for all. The completed mural and memorial are fantastic and something the school is very proud of.

The following comments have been made by students in Years 4-6:

I really enjoyed doing a disk in the Artist in Residence Program because I learnt a lot of new skills and had so much fun. Thank you Paul. Shalika

I really enjoyed working with Paul. He did a very good job with the memorial and mural. I liked painting the discs. It was really fun. I hope we can do something like that again. Rubina

We think Paul did a great job of the mural. We loved the advice he gave us. It was a pleasure having him at Como Primary School.

I wish I could spend some time with Paul doing some drawing together. Clifford

Paul, I like your sculptures and your painting. It inspired me that I could build things like that. Ero

I learnt to take my time and not rush. Thank you Paul for being with us. Holly

It was really fun working with Paul. I learnt always to do the light colours first. Thank you. Zara

Thank you so much for teaching us Paul. Tanith

I really like your work and I think you are a very good artist. I wish you could stay longer and teach us more techniques. Aiden

Thank you so much Paul for making my art skills way better than before. I didn’t just get better at art but I really enjoyed working with you as well.  Zain

I really like the mural Paul made for us because it has a lot of colour. Lma

Thank you for being an Artist in Residence at Como Primary School and painting the mural and helping us create our ANZAC discs. I really like the mural. Minxuan

I had so much fun. I wish this could keep going. Kaelan

I liked your sense of humour and thanks for teaching me. Lachlan

I learnt to be confident and not to worry about too much detail. Madhavi

To Paul, it was a pleasure having you. It was fun! I hope you come again soon. Christopher

I enjoyed working with Paul Caporn because this was the first time I ever got to work in such a big event. I thank everyone who organized such a rare event for me. Sasha

Thank you Paul for coming to Como Primary School as an Artist in Residence. Everyone had a good time working with you and helping with the mural. I hope you come back and work with the school again. Nick