School Board Member Profiles

Jenny Hess –  Chair of Board

                                             Jen Hess

With two children attending Como Primary School, I have been a part of this awesome school for 4 years, with a few more to come. I work locally in local government with a background in Leisure Planning and Sport and Recreation Management.  I have 20 years local government experience in strategic planning, project and facility management, community development, building relationships and clear communication. Being on the Board I hope to build on the existing “family” within the school to empower, nuture and encourage our students to be the best they can be. It’s a great opportunity for me to give back to a school that provides so much to our families.
Andrew Malcolm – Principal


It is a great privilege to serve as the principal of Como Primary School. I have worked in education for the past thirty years in a variety of contexts as a teacher and school administrator and I do appreciate the wonderful community that our school represents. I look forward to working with staff, students and the community into the future to achieve the best possible outcomes for the students of Como Primary School.

Our school Board members bring their experiences and expertise together to represent the school community on setting the strategic direction of our school. They are committed to ensuring we live up to our motto, “Only Our Best”. I value their hard work and input as we work together to realise our vision and direction, and ensure the improvement of our great school.

Penny Herne – Deputy Principal
                          Penny Herne Copy

I have been Deputy Principal at Como Primary School since 2012 and a teacher and/or acting Deputy at Como since 1993.  I grew up in Como and have spent most of my adult life in South Perth so I am definitely a “local” who has developed many connections with the community. I have also been on the “other side of the fence” as my daughter attended Como Primary from 1996 until 2001. During that time I was actively involved with the P&C.  I was also an inaugural member of the School Council having now served every year except one.

I am privileged to work at such a fantastic school with supportive parents, a dedicated and highly professional staff and bright, well behaved  young  learners who all strive to live up to our school motto of “Only Our Best”.  I feel my involvement on the school Board allows me to further my partnership with parents and the community to achieve the best outcomes for students.

Leanne Pool - Vice Chair


With three boys currently at Como Primary School, I’ve been involved with the school for nearly five years and will be for many years to come.  I’ve enjoyed being both a volunteer and member of the P&C where I’ve had the opportunity to meet and engage with both students, parents and staff and am always reminded of the great environment our children learn in.  I’m delighted to now join the Como Primary School board and work with the other board members in setting the strategic direction of the school for the coming years.  With a background in Accounting, I hope to bring a financial focus to the board and ensure the school can successfully meet its objectives into the future.

Emma Chamberlain - Community Representative

                                         Emma C


My family has been involved with Como Primary School for three years and will be for some time to come. I enjoy volunteering at the school, watching how my daughter and her peers are learning and developing in a positive environment. As a school board member I will act with integrity and enthusiasm. I have worked in Perth for a federal government department most of my career where I have successfully led teams and run projects. I also bring experience in developing strategies to manage risk and evaluating the effectiveness of strategies. I look forward to supporting the school in meeting its vision and business plan in the coming years.

 Rachel Martino - Staff representative
                           Rachel A

I have been a member of staff at Como Primary School since 2013 and have felt lucky to be part of a school community with a supportive environment and high expectations. During my time at Como I have supported teachers in the implementation of ICT in their classrooms, pioneered the bring your own device (BYOD) program and completed my Level 3 classroom teacher status. It is my belief that teaching and learning should actively engage all student regardless of their ability levels, as each student is provided with a positive learning environment in which they feel confident to take risks. As a school board member I hope to continuously develop and improve the education at Como Primary School through our school vision.

Debra Geers – Staff representative 


I have had a wide range of experience in schools as a teacher and parent, having taught at several metropolitan and country primary and district high schools. My roles, in addition to being a classroom teacher, have included Focus B teacher, Early Intervention teacher, SAER Co ordinator and Learning Support Co ordinator. I was appointed to Como Primary School in 2000, gaining Senior Teacher status shortly after. For eleven years I was a member of the Como Primary School CounciI. I am honoured to be a staff representative on the Como Primary School Board. I feel privileged to be an integral part of this wonderful school and am committed to providing the best education for all our students.  


Dr. Sean Stevens – Community representative

                                     Sean Stevens Copy

I currently have one child at Como Primary School.  My wife Julie and I have been living in Como for the last 13 years and plan to live here until we retire!  I am part-owner of my own business and I have served on a number of boards over the last 15 years, from the Australian Medical Association, doctor in training committees, GP supervisor committees and currently the board of the Royal Australian College of GPs.  I hope to be able to contribute to the school on an ongoing basis.

June Tan - Community Representative

                                           June T

My association with the Como Primary School started when my son attended the School’s Kindergarten in 2009. I currently have a daughter studying in Year 5. 

I have lived in the City of South Perth since 1994. I was born and raised in Malaysia. It is a privilege to be part of the School Board to promote and see our children living up to the School’s motto “Only Our Best”. Through my upbringing in a multicultural environment, I look forward to incorporating my cross-cultural experience to contribute positively to a school that is made up of students and families from a range of diverse cultures. I am also excited to be able to give back to our wonderful school community and really look forward to working alongside other Board members in achieving its strategic directions.

Professionally, I have worked as a qualified accountant in the public sector for nearly two decades until I decided to become a full time mum three years ago.