School Board

The Como Primary School Board’s role is to set the strategic direction for our school and ensure that we deliver against that strategy. Fundamental to this is what is in the best interests of our students and the broader school community.

The Board is broadly representative of our school community and consists of representatives from the school community, P&C and staff whose collective responsibility is to monitor school performance by supporting the school to develop and deliver against our business plan. Members are elected and serve a three year term. The Chairperson is elected annually by the School Board from within its membership.

The Principal and Board (through the Chairperson) enter into a Delivery and Performance Agreement with the Director General of Education to ensure delivery of educational programs to our school in line with our business plan.

The Board’s roles and relationship to the school administration are clearly outlined in the Terms of Reference.

Some specific responsibilities include:


  1. To take part in:
    • establishing and reviewing from time to time, the School's objectives, priorities and general policy directions
    • financial planning to support the above
    • evaluating the School's performance in achieving them
    • formulating codes of conduct for Students at the School.
  2. To promote the School in the community.
  3. To determine, in consultation, a dress code for students.
  4. To provide advice on policy for religious education and implementation of special religious education.
  5. To approve:
    • charges, contributions and fees
    • extra cost optional components of the school’s educational program
    • items to be supplied by a student for personal use on the educational program
    • advertising and sponsorship arrangements.

Please refer to the Terms of Reference of our School Board for more detail and information about our school Board.

The Western Australian Council of State School Organisations (WACSSO) has information about School Boards. A WACSSO publication - The Effective School Board - is easy to read and is a good overview of School Councils.